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International Transactions

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Verto Exchange Token [VXT] uses investor funds to facilitate in a fast money transfer between accounts. Utilzing blockchain technology VXT enables traditional FIAT transfer systems to utilize VXT to provide a safe, secure and fast money transfer platform and since VXT uses internal funds provided by investors costs are drastically lower and higher returns are paid back to investors.

About Us

Verto’s mission is to provide banking products that help business and individuals grow. At Verto we believe that in order to support individuals and businesses, it is important to facilitate a seamless and efficient financial system. We aim to empower businesses and individuals around the world to participate in international trade by enabling them to receive and send payments faster. This will ultimately open up more opportunities for development in areas that have been left behind economically.

As part of our commitment we have utilized partnerships with existing money transfer applications. This allows VXT to power the backend of these applications and provide lower fees for their customers and allows VXT to provide those transaction fees back to investors of the platform.

One of our premier partners is FGD a SmartPay company. FGD provides its clients low transaction fees with its banking relationships. Enabling the VXT Engine allows FGD to provide its users further reduction in fees and ultra fast transactions so the money is received quickly.

What is the Verto Platform

The Verto platform was created to service a growing need from users to avoid excessive fees and time associated with sending FIAT currencies across boarders. The way Verto platform works is such that a user logs into the Verto system and then links Verto to bank account. The user then transfers funds from bank account to Verto account. The funds transfer using the built in exchange functionality of Verto. Funds are then converted back to FIAT at the recipient’s currency into a Verto account. Funds are then transferred to destination bank account.

Fast, Simple, Secure

Why Hold Verto Tokens

Verto is a ERC20 token and as part of the Token creation, holders of the token will be compensated for their trust and loyalty of the platform. Compensation returns will be finalized prior to ICO launch currently it is estimated to be a 6% return per annum. Token holders will be compensated based on utilization of the token as transactions will generate transaction fees and those in turn will be paid back to token holders.

Fast transactions






Partnership with SystemBind ensures we have a dedicated hardware team ready to setup and configure the required infrastructure in managing this initiative.

Partnership with a premier BlockChain development team allows for the fast development and integration of the Verto Blockchain within the desired applications. VNK having development skillsets in integration of Blockchains and wallets ensures a fast development turn around.

The Blockchain Fortress team possesses significant experience in the realm of smart contracts, token economics and D apps. The team has worked on several prominent blockchain technologies such as Jaxx and Brave Browser. Their presence also extends into the community as they are industry leaders in toronto; hosting events intended to educate the general public on the topic of blockchain

Within 12 Sparks you will find an experienced background of business owners, including former financial executives, medical professionals, musicians, accountants, and social marketing strategists. Our team came together out of a desire to create a media agency that would produce the results we have spent the last decade searching for in businesses. We are an agency by clients, for clients and have a specialty within the blockchain marketing world.


2016 - Development of FGD started
February 2017 - Launch of FGD Platform
February 2017 - Started proof of concept on integration of Blockchain into FGD Platform
May 2017 - Completed Proof of Concept and started whitepaper
August 2017 - Launch of Verto Website and started the process of the Token Sale
Launch of Platform - Q2 2018
Integration of the token within major exchanged and wallets - Q2-Q3 2018
Implementation of the blockchain to be used on the FGD platform - Q2-Q3 2018
Beta testing of the new Verto/FGD platform - Q2-Q3 2018
Launch of the Verto/FGD platform - Q4 2018

Verto Team




Sr.Blockchain Dev


Dev Ops


Sr.Blockchain Dev


Information Security

Advisory Team

Jag Basrai

Business Development

Kobhi N

Blockchain Expert

Johnathan Holland

Curexe CEO

Walter Heidary

Technical Advisor

Matthew McGuire

Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer

What you need to know

Tokens Available for Sale: 150,000,000
Max No. of Tokens to be released: 300,000,000.

Remaining tokens to be used for liquidity purposes and 10 percent of tokens retained for investor and founder allocation.

Funding Allocation

90% Liquidity, funds retained within Verto

5% Business Development and Marketing

5% Business Operations and integration into Third party exchange applications and Legal

Liquidity, funds retained within Verto
Business Development and Marketing
Business Operations
Founders and Advisors

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